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Australia’s frogs need your help

2022 FrogID Week 11 – 20 November
Take part in Australia’s biggest frog count! Our frogs are under threat from habitat loss, disease and climate change. Recording frog calls with the FrogID app will help provide our scientists with valuable data for the protection and conservation of frogs.
Download the free app and register now. Remember, every call counts!
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FrogID Week is over for this year 

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FrogID is the Australian Museum’s flagship citizen science project that is improving our understanding of Australia’s unique frog species.

Please donate to the Australian Museum FrogID project to support essential frog research and conservation.

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August 2021 alert: Frog die-off across Australia

The Australian Museum’s Herpetology department is working closely with Australian Registry of Wildlife Health and government biosecurity and environment agencies to understand the scale of the mass frog deaths across Australia, leading the research to understand the likely causes.

If you observe a sick or dead frog, please email your observation (including photos and location information, if possible) to the Australian Museum’s FrogID team at who are helping respond to the outbreak.

We appreciate your important reports of sick and dead frogs, as well as your FrogID submissions through the FrogID app. Together, we are gathering the information we need to help conserve our unique frogs.

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There are two ways to get involved in FrogID count and help save Australia’s frogs.

Out in the field

Download the FrogID app, create a FrogID account, find, record and help match your frog calls.

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Discover frog call submissions by species and location, revealed on an interactive map!

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Hey, look!

We're excited to share "Bella" in 3D with you! He is our very own Augmented Reality (AR) frog: the Cape York Graceful Tree Frog (Litoria bella).
Back in 2016, our lead scientist Dr Jodi Rowley helped identify this frog as Australia’s 239th frog species. You can have fun with our AR frog by using our Instagram effects tab and don’t forget to tag @frogidaus in any image posts, we look forward to seeing the awesome places you’re using the FrogID app and Bella!

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