The National Frog Pond Building Project

Between 2018 and 2021, the Australian Museum and Bunnings partnered together on the National Frog Pond Building Project. Together we engaged with over 200 schools across Australia by assisting them to build a ‘frog-friendly’ pond to help Australia’s frog populations thrive.
Students learned about their local biodiversity, monitored the frog pond and recorded frog calls using the FrogID app. The project was supported by educational materials and digital resources to highlight the importance of frogs in the environment.
Contact the Activities Organiser at your local Bunnings store to see if they are interested in helping your school build a frog-friendly pond, or use the resources below to help create your own frog haven at school.

Classroom resources

Australian Frogs

Introduce students to the diversity of Australian Frogs

What is a Frog?

Introduce students to the classification of frogs and toads

Frog Habitats and Adaptation

Introduce students to the concepts of habitats, adaptations and food webs

What is a Frog?

Powerpoint presentations slides to learn about Frogs

How to Make a Frog Pond

Powerpoint presentations slides to learn how to build a frog pond

Introduction to Habitats

Powerpoint presentations slides to learn about frog habitats

Museum in a Box education kit

Download our information sheets all about frogs!

FrogID activity sheet (A3)

Download our fun activity sheet!

Create a Frog Habitat information sheet

Download our information sheets all about habitats for frogs

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Create a Class Group to contribute to FrogID.
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