What is FrogID Week?

FrogID Week is Australia’s Biggest Frog Count, held annually for Australians to help record frog calls through the free FrogID app, as a measurement of frog health and distribution around the nation. It aims to monitor frog distributions over time, helping us to understand how frogs and their ecosystems are responding to a changing planet. FrogID Week 2021 will take place from Friday 12 November to Sunday 21 November.
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FrogID Week Informing Frog Conservation

With the data obtained during FrogID Week, we are able to gain an ‘audioshot’ of Australia’s frogs each year. Scientists can match FrogID call submissions to weather and habitat, learning more about how different frog species are responding to a changing environment, but we need your help! With FrogID, citizen scientists just like you can help record frog calls as a measurement of frog health and distribution around the nation.
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FrogID Week 2020


FrogID Week 2020 making a difference

Running between 6 and 15 November in 2020, the third FrogID Week saw record numbers of people submitting recordings through the FrogID app. Over 10,000 submissions were received, resulting in over 20,000 frog records. The 14th of November 2020 received the highest number of FrogID records per day to date, with 2,246 frogs recorded in just 24 hours – more than one frog record per minute!

FrogID Week 2019 highlights

Nov 8, 2019 - Nov 17, 2019

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For media enquiries please contact:
Claire Vince
Media & Communications Advisor
T 61 2 9320 6181 M 61 468 726 910
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Farley Fitzgerald
Communications Advisor
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Nadiah Roslan
Project Coordinator: FrogID
Email: nadiah.roslan@australian.museum

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